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A Story from a New Member

Here's a very lovely story from a brand new member; she's asked to remain anonymous, but we've copied her words verbatim.


Last night, for the first time since my husband passed away 9 years ago, I sang and didn't cry on what would have been our 36th wedding anniversary.

I got to know about InChoir through rambling, which in turn was my first foray into joining something on my own, through Reigate Ramblers. It was there I met a lady that was to become a very good friend and who was a member of Oxted Inchoir.

I dithered for several weeks over the usual concerns about joining something new and not knowing anyone, and believing that I couldn't sing and never having belonged to a choir. I was assured it didn't matter; there would be no audition, you didn't need to be able to read music and it would all be fun and relaxed. With a lot of encouragement from my friend and from Sally at inChoir I began the new term in September at Redhill. The welcome was incredibly warm and a sense of fun and frivolity you couldn’t imagine.

Surprisingly week-by-week a reasonable voice is evolving. Never will I sing an aria at the Royal Opera House but every week I enjoy myself and drive home with a smile on my face. The mornings that follow I realise I am now filling a previously empty space with a whistle or a hum or hitting a high note to the amusement of the neighbours! My tune this morning is "Let It Snow"

Several years ago an impromptu sing song in a pub made my husband realise he had a reasonable voice. From that day and at every opportunity he would sing. How fitting that I should realise now just how good it can make you feel, and for it to become one of my joys in life.

For those of you walking the same path who don’t believe you can do it, you can. inChoir will show you how.