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What an evening with inChoir and friends!

Sunday night was the eagerly anticipated "Evening with inChoir and friends" and I had the pleasure of being in the audience. Usually found on the stage, it was wonderful to sit back, relax and enjoy what was a thoroughly entertaining evening. The Barn Theatre was jam packed when I arrived and it was a total sell out evening, with much support from fellow inChoir members and their families. There was a raffle taking place and proceeds from this and the evening were going towards the fantastic Orpheus Centre in Godstone.

inChoir sounded beautiful, with gorgeous harmonies, smiles and those on stage were even looking up at Mark! A huge well done to everyone. It was so lovely to be able to sit and absorb the harmonies. Such fantastic arrangements all round; well done to Mark, Karen and Jude. 

As someone who wanted to take a place on the original trip to Morzine in the French Alps back in 2011 (and every event featuring inChoir and French choir Contretemps since then!), I've often wondered what I was missing out on. Videos show elements, but don't give the whole 'feel'. If Sunday night was anything to go by, I missed an absolute treat! Julien was exuberant, lively and had a wonderful sense of humour; he and the Contretemps choir lit up the stage when they sang with obvious passion. It didn't even matter that I've apparently forgotten all of my French; I really enjoyed the songs anyway! Talking of lighting up the stage...I can't have been the only one who noticed how effortlessly 'cool' the choir were. Bright coloured leather jackets? Effortlessly chic.

Following both choirs were the East Grinstead Ukelele group (and our very own Mark). Brilliant. Upbeat, enthusiastic with full audience participation encouraged. This is one of the few times I wholeheartedly endorse audience participation! It was impossible not to tap my foot to the beat and make up the words I didn't know to songs I hadn't heard, but really enjoyed!

Opening the second act was a truly unique version of the Hot Mikado's 'Three Little Maids'. Karen and Jude were joined by a very maiden-esque Mark and sang a fantastic trio. I particularly enjoyed how all three were generally singing in the same octave. Very impressive! The perfect opener.

Both inChoir and Contretemps performed again in the second half and came together for a wonderful finale, in French. And as if that wasn't enough, when the music decided to depart during the song...everyone carried on. I'm delighted that this was one of the songs I filmed from start to finish and will be appearing on the inChoir Facebook page soon - be sure to watch out for it! There are a few songs up already, with another two or three to follow. I'm sure I won't be the only one watching and rewatching them to relive what was a really fantastic night of music and entertainment!

Now, I'm off to source a turquoise leather jacket...

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