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Modern choirs for people who love to sing

We all love to sing!

One of my favourite things about choir - aside from Mark's jokes, of course - is seeing how many members we now have. I wasn't one of the original members, but having joined on Crawley's first day back in 2011, it has grown a huge amount since my first day!

A question that often crosses my mind is "I wonder why each person joined. Did someone tell them about us? Were they looking for a new hobby? Have they always loved singing? Were they looking to meet some new people, and singing is an added bonus?" and so on...

We would love to hear your story! For those interested, here is mine...

I first met both Mark and Karen some years ago. Karen, in "Sweeney Todd" in 2002 back in my top soprano days, and Mark...well, I'm not sure exactly when? We were in the band together during "Return to the Forbidden Planet" in 2009, but I'm at least 50% certain that we already knew each other. I'd often bother Mark after this, asking if he knew of any am-dram bands that required a good flautist, average saxophonist, and I might be willing to look at a clarinet if it was needed (flute/sax/clarinet are often required as a trio). Unsurprisingly, this was a "no" since bands usually require competence in their instrumentalists, and only being able to play one of the three instruments is slightly frowned upon...

However, a couple of years later - probably relieved to finally get me off his case - Mark told me of this choir he'd set up and that a new branch was opening in Crawley, if I'd like to come along. Since I was living in Crawley at the time (shh, don't tell anyone!), I jumped at the opportunity for a sing, especially when I heard that Karen would be the second half of the teaching double-act. And double-act they were (and still are!). The first session was so much fun that I was hooked. As a long time am-drammer, I am a huge fan of harmony singing and when they rocked out "Amarillo", well I was in heaven. No? Just me? Karen, I know you're with me!! 

One of the first big gigs I sang at was the Purple Pinky Concert in Haywards Heath with Blake, a group you may well have heard mentioned once or twice. The buzz from singing as a member of the choir was much the same as I experienced on stage, with the added bonus of not having to be out 3 times a week and then spend 7 days practically living at the theatre. So, while I have taken part in a couple of productions since joining, I now have 2 young children and choir is perfect for me. I can fit it around everything else in my completely chaotic life!

Meeting new people and making new friends has been a real added bonus, and I love working in the Dorking daytime branch with Mark; seeing and talking to everyone on their way in, meeting new members, catching up on what everyone has been up to, answering all the questions about how my bundles of chaos are growing and getting on! Choir has now become "my time". It's a place where I'm not "mummy, mummy...MUMMY!!", I'm just me; someone who loves to sing, enjoys a little dance during upbeat songs and gets a bit of vertigo on the high soprano notes!

So. That's me! Why did you join? Please do leave a comment or write in, it would be wonderful to hear from lots of you!

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