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Vocal care

With the big concerts this weekend, it seems like a good time for a piece on vocal care. Do take the time to have a read through and feel free to comment with any of your top tips!

Some dos and don'ts for the day of your big sing are below, all designed to help your voice be in the best form it can be, enabling you to focus on having a great time without any worry!


- Dairy, dairy, dairy. We've said it many times and it's something we all know, but try to go easy on (or cut out) dairy for at least a few hours before singing. But why? The high fat content in dairy products thickens the mucous that is already present in a person’s airway, making it feel like there is more mucous present, and is equally problematic when trying to perform. It affects each person to a different extent, but it's safer to avoid dairy products before singing.

- Caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning that those drinking it will lose water more quickly than if they were drinking an alternative beverage (not alcohol!). When you're going to be on stage under bright lights, and singing a full set of songs, it's important to stay as hydrated as possible. We would therefore recommend avoiding caffeine (and alcohol!) in the run up to performing.

- Vocal strain. Take care of your voice. Try not to go all out in the car on the way to The Hawth! We all love singing along to our favourite songs and it's a great way to warm up, but maybe try and focus on some more gentle songs this weekend! Also try to avoid both shouting and whispering, since both put a lot of strain on your vocal chords.


Hydration. It may seem obvious but, as we briefly mentioned above, staying hydrated is incredibly important and needs to start earlier than when you set foot on stage. Our cords are delicate membranes, which dry out very easily (especially in dry atmospheres), so drink plenty of water. When we drink, liquid doesn’t actually wash over our vocal cords. When we swallow, a flap comes over the windpipe to prevent food and liquid from going down into our lungs. Therefore, you need to be drinking plenty of water many hours before you start to sing, to ensure that it is absorbed by the body and distributed to where it is needed.

Sleep. Try to get a good night's sleep the night before, although we recognise this is easier said than done for some! 

- Confidence. Yes, this is relevant to vocal care! If you are confident in what you're singing, your throat will be nice and relaxed; perfect for singing some of those top and bottom notes, and key to not straining your voice during the evening.

​Remember to have fun! We are all part of inChoir because we love singing and this is a wonderful chance to sing with around 300 other members, in front of a packed audience, all looking forward to a brilliant night out! 

Good luck to everyone, we hope you all have a wonderful time and that those in the audience have as much fun as we will be!