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Time to sing

The day had arrived. The day we were singing at Disney, on the Cinemagique stage in the Disney Studio Park.

On Sunday morning we were all up early for breakfast and ready to alight the coach at 8:45am. Upon arriving at the park's 'backstage' barrier, we were escorted past many intriguing warehouse style buildings (leaving us to wonder what excitement went on in each!) to the Cinemagique dressing room. We had a sound check on stage and practiced our entrance and exit; necessary since we were in rows on steps and everyone wanted us to look as smart and professional as possible. Our performance was a lot of fun. There were about 100 people in the audience and singing on such a stage always gives performers a lift!! What a difference it made that everyone knew the songs off by heart; there was very little looking down at the folders, and everyone was smiling! Such a small thing, but it can be hard to smile while singing. It lifts the sound tenfold and - funnily enough - makes it look like we ARE enjoying ourselves!! Our set was over far too quickly for my liking. I would happily have stayed there all day singing!

Back into the parks we went. Lorna and I ditched our suitcases at the train station and ran to the Chaparral Theatre in Frontierland for the 12.40 showing of 'The Forest of Enchantment'. What a fantastic production! Stunning scenery, beautiful singing (what I'd give to be able to sing like them...), perfect staging and incredible gymnastics; we were entranced. Some of our favourite Disney characters adorned the stage, including Pocahontas, Merida, Tarzan, Rapunzel, Baloo and King Louis. After enjoying the show we set off for the Studio Park. We immediately preferred it to the Disney Park. I wish we'd had longer there; the queues were much longer and the Ratatouille ride broke down while we were in the queue. The only ride we managed to get on was Tower of Terror, which was brilliant. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone!! After briefly meeting up with Mark and Sue (when we managed to persuade Sue that she really would like Tower of Terror...), Lorna and I were out of time. We had time to grab something to eat before heading back to the station.

The journey back was, of course, a joy. More free food and tea, plus wine this time. There are far worse ways to travel!

It was gone 9pm by the time I arrived home (6 hours after getting on the train at Disney - the joys of living in a village!). I was exhausted but elated. Firstly, I had survived a night away!! Secondly, I had a fantastic time. So much laughter, SO much walking - nearly 15 miles across the 2 days - and lots and lots of fun. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Next time, a blog on Epernary written by the lovely Louise Horsfield.