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The return of VinChoir

On Thursday, a brand new term of VinChoir began. 

VinChoir is different, it’s our current normal, and it’s a brilliant way to sing each week.

As I logged on, had my weekly argument with my laptop speakers and was greeted by screens of friendly faces in front of me, it felt familiar, welcoming and – in a way I never would have believed possible – like I was back at choir. It’s strange how months of singing alone in front of a laptop begins to feel normal, but there you go! 

Mark and Jude had already enjoyed a successful morning session and were ready for us. Jude led us through a warm up, getting everyone moving physically and vocally, and this was the first (but not last) time in the session I forgot my headphones were connected to the laptop as I stood up and had them wrenched out of my ears! 

They knew their choice of song was perfect for settling everyone back into the new term. Our first song of the term is ‘(I’ve had the) Time of My Life’ and it was like Patrick was in the room as Mark sang through the…soprano line! We were all immediately at ease, singing a song we know and - as a treat for the Altos - the Baritones had been granted many of the typical ‘alto’ harmonies, while Team A held on tightly to the tune! We sang, we laughed, and we even stood up to sing. The only disappointing moment was when no one seemed prepared or willing to take on ‘the’ Dirty Dancing lift!!

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable session and excellent first week back.

I miss seeing people ‘in real life’, hearing harmonies coming together, dancing (badly) during choir sessions and getting my 10,000 steps in as I move between parts. But on the plus, my long suffering husband gets to hear all of the parts, without any backing track, as I drift between Soprano, Alto and Baritone, all while enjoying harmonies and jokes he can’t hear... Poor man.

Last term we had a fantastic time creating videos for a few of the songs, which got more off the wall each time. It was such a treat seeing the result of many hours of Steve North’s time when we received word that the next VinChoir video was ready. I loved watching, waiting to see what visual spectacles each video had in store – fancy dress, wigs, gardens, pets, unique dance moves...I could go on! I’m sure you’ve seen them already, but here are the links in case you missed them:

Karma Chameleon:
Put a Little Love in Your Heart:
I’m Still Standing:

There is no like-for-like substitute for meeting weekly in our regular sessions but if you’re missing inChoir as much as I am, then do give VinChoir a go. See lots of friendly faces, hear some of Mark’s jokes, dance along with Jude, have a sing and – as a bonus – a sing where no-one knows what notes you’re singing or, thanks to a slight time delay, if you’re even in time. Hurrah! (Disclaimer: I’m sure that we should probably aim to sing the right notes and words, at the right time...and maybe even in the right order, but who’s going to know).

See you next week!