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Happy new year!

Welcome to 2016! What a year we have ahead, with our trip to Norway kicking off proceedings in February.

Have you made any resolutions this year? I must admit that I haven't...beyond needing to get a bit fitter to ensure I can keep up with my newly walking son, and that's a necessity rather than a resolution!! 

Do you know what the most commonly broken resolutions are? 

Spend more time with family
Lose Weight and Get Fit 
​Travel to new places
Quit smoking
Learn something new
Eat more healthily
Save money/get out of debt
Be less stressed
Volunteer/raise money for charity
Drink less

Looking at the list, it seems that we can help with a number of those! Learn something new, travel to new places, be less stressed, raise money for charity... all resolutions that inChoir is happy to assist with! If you bring a family member along too then that's half of the list covered in one easy step! 

If you would like to join inChoir or know someone who would, then why not come along for a free taster session? Give us a call on 01342 760078, fill in the contact form or turn up to your nearest choir session!

Happy New Year everyone! 

Kirsty x

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