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Good Friday swimarathon

On Good Friday, Jude (Choir leader), Rachel and Ella Shuck (Burgess Hill and InSync) and Jenny Tata (Haywards Heath) are participating in the HH Lions Swimarathon at The Dolphin in Haywards Heath.  

They will be swimming for 50 minutes for as many lengths as they can manage. Why?! You may ask and, when we spoke to Jenny, she was wondering whether she will fit into her pre pregnancy swimming costume, asking herself the same question!

Jenny has been volunteering with a fabulous Charity called Time 4 Children since November 2015. Time 4 Children is a charity which aims to increase the emotional wellbeing, self-confidence & self-esteem of emotionally vulnerable children between the ages of 4 and 12 in the mid-Sussex area. 

The volunteer practitioners provide weekly sessions for children to explore their worries, fears, anxieties or experiences. This is achieved through one to one sessions where the children can play in a safe, non threatening, non judgmental environment. The volunteers practice reflective listening to enable them to explore their thoughts and feelings, and do so for as long as they need. 

Sadly, too many children these days are beset with emotional difficulties either as a result of trauma, abuse, neglect, addiction, additional needs, bullying or other life changing situations. Mid Sussex is not exempt from these issues. There are many children who need our help, including those from families where abuse or neglect has taken place. 

Whilst there is more awareness about mental health issues, like many services, children's mental health is under resourced. There are budgetary constraints affecting how many children can be accepted by the Children and Adolescents Mental Health service, and we want to support the charity, the mental health service and indeed the families who cannot afford private counselling. These children are our future. 

This is why the team are swimming, to raise money for, and awareness about, the Charity. It is doing wonderful things but can only continue to do so with public donations. It receives no government subsidy. So, if you're touched by this please sponsor the team. They will do their absolute best!

You can either follow the link below or donate during a choir session where there are paper sponsorships forms.