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Going green in 2019

Sustainable living. Eco friendly. Reduce waste.

These are phrases we have heard so much recently as we attempt to reduce our environmental impact on the world we live in. It doesn’t need a few people to overhaul every aspect of their life, but for lots of us to make small changes.

As such, we are keen to make improvements at inChoir going forward. 

Sheet music and tablets

Up until now we have always had plenty of sheet music available to buy each week and - while we are happy to continue doing so for those in need - we would like to encourage members to use other methods where possible. 

If you own a tablet then please do bring them along to your sessions! We are more than happy for you to view your music on a tablet during both sessions and performances. All we ask is that during performances your tablet has a red cover. 

There are plenty of PDF editing apps available, so you can easily make notes on your music, just as you would on paper! 

The below two apps are simple to use and perfect for choir sessions:

Forscore (Apple Store)

MobilesheetsPro - there is a free demo version (Android)

The PDF files containing the music sheets are imported and stored in a library where they can be viewed in various ways including half pages and scrolling, annotated with notes and highlighting, organised into sets, accompanied by audio (although the audio files have to be imported separately). There are costs attached to each app, but free demo versions should be available. 

For Apple users not worried about importing audio into the scores, PDF Viewer (available in the Apple Store) is free and easy to use. All you need to do is save your sheet music, open the app to view it, click the edit symbol and you’re off! It is simple to both add and remove any notes you wish to make.


We all need to drink plenty of water during choir sessions and performances, so why not pick up a reusable water bottle - they’re everywhere now and are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. Stainless steel ones keep your drink cool (or warm, for those at sessions with hot drinks on offer!) for extended periods of time and would be perfect during summer performances. Just remember to write your name and choir on the bottom so - in the event you leave it behind - we know who to return it to! 

These are all suggestions and ways in which we are keen to “do our bit”. We completely understand that these will not be possible or practical for everyone and will always seek to accommodate those members.