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In accordance with the new regulations (which came into effect on May 25th 2018), here is the outline of the information held by inChoir and what it is used for.

The data we hold

For each inChoir member, we hold the personal information you provided on joining inChoir, as added to or amended subsequently, which may include some or all of the following :

your first name and surname

your address, including your postcode

your email address

your mobile and landline telephone number

any medical conditions that you felt we should know about

The data we keep

In addition to your personal data (above), we maintain data reflecting:

your attendance at inChoir sessions

how your pay your fees to us (ie. whether weekly or termly)

inChoir performances, workshops, holidays, trips and other events you attend

inChoir clothing you order

where you sing in the choir (alto, soprano or baritone)

Where we keep your data

Your data is maintained on a database stored on a secure server which is accessible only to the inChoir management team.  However, data stored on the database may, from time to time and based on need, be shared with your inChoir leader and/or inChoir administrator

What we do with your data

We use the data we hold in order to arrange and to keep you informed of inChoir singing sessions and related events and performances

The registration form you completed on joining inChoir is destroyed once we have uploaded the information from it

If you cease to attend inChoir sessions and do not notify us to the contrary (eg. by saying you are taking a break and will be back), we may, after an absence of six to eight weeks, assume you no longer wish to be a member of inChoir and will remove your details from our database.  We will also do this if you do not return to inChoir after a notified period of absence. You can of course rejoin us at any time, and would need to provide us with your personal information again at that time.

What we don't do with your personal data

We will never sell our database to any third party

We will never give out any of your personal details without your prior written agreement, even to another inChoir member

inChoir Singing Holidays

If you ever join an inChoir singing holiday, you may be asked for additional information, which might include your date of birth, passport details, nationality and other personal details.  This information is also held on a secure database and will be deleted within twelve weeks of the end of the applicable holiday.

Please contact us if you have any queries or only wish us to retain some of your personal data.

The inChoir Team