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Experiences of a newbie, part II

Part II of Bonny Robinson's blog, here talking about her trip with inChoir to sing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


We were able to spend Friday morning exploring the Royal Yacht Britannia which is moored at the Edinburgh Quayside. It was somewhere I had always wanted to visit and I was not disappointed by the tour or the lunch we had on board! 


Our first performance on the Mercat Stage on the Friday was amazing experience. The sun shone and people gathered to listen and join in. I stepped off the stage feeling full to the brim of music and singing. As we wandered back to the Hotel we stopped to enjoy the other Festival Street Acts along the way and I was totally surprised when a woman came up to us and said she had been watching our performance, really enjoyed it and could she take a selfie with us – Stardom! 


Friday evening’s visit to the Royal Military Tattoo has left me with some lasting memories. I have watched it on television but was surprised how much more emotional it was to be there in person. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the event and on such a beautiful evening too.  The end to a very special day was rounded off by a social gathering in the bar with fellow choir members and a glass or two of very nice wine. It is on this occasion that we had a very memorable hotel lift experience.  We finally said goodnight to everyone at around 12.30 a.m. and for some unexplainable reason, we went to the wrong lift! After several trips up and down in this lift we stepped out, not once, not twice but three times into the Reception area and not the floor where our room was! Was someone playing a joke on us? Confusion gave way to nervous giggles (would we ever find our room?) and finally uncontrollable laughter that inevitably slowed us down in working out what we were doing wrong…….we were using the wrong lift!  It probably doesn’t seem that funny to anyone reading this now but at the time it was hilarious and still makes me chuckle when I think of it!



Saturday was another busy day with opportunities to see other festival acts both before and after our performance in St. Giles Cathedral. How special was that! Again, I was left feeling uplifted and full of emotion. I may never get the opportunity to be part of anything like that again and I will never forget it. Saturday evening saw us all dressed up in best bib and tucker and taking a walk down to the Waverley Hotel for a dinner altogether. How lovely it was to spend the evening forming new friendships with members of other InChoirs – thank you friends from Burgess Hill for welcoming us to your table.


Sunday saw a less settled day for weather but there was still lots to see and so before our final performance later that afternoon, several of us were fortunate enough to attend a performance by All the Kings Men, an a Capella group of young men who were really good with some lovely harmonies and a confident performance. We were able to speak with them at the end and explained that we were performing on the Mercat Stage later that afternoon and they said they would like to come and watch…….we had groupies!!  True to their word they all arrived to watch and support our performance and I think they really gave us a boost and we sang our little hearts out! Sadly the weather let us down two songs from the end and the rain just bucketed down. Those of us at the front had no cover and I looked like a drowned rat by the end of it and couldn’t see out of my glasses but that is show business and despite the rain we completed our programme to great applause from an audience sheltering under a tree and various umbrellas – I was drenched but felt elated to have been part of something so special, not just on that day but on Friday and Saturday too. 


Following the end of our performance it was sadly time to say goodbye to many InChoir members who were travelling back home that evening. I was sad that it was all over but thankful to have met some fabulous people especially from the other InChoirs, see some incredible performances and to have the opportunity to be part of something so very, very special – performing with InChoir!  I am very pleased to say that our walk back to Waverley Station for our journey back to Haywards Heath was straight forward and uneventful – thank goodness! However, we were still smiling and chuckling as we walked and reminisced, even in the rain.


Obviously, a mountain of work by the InChoir Team (Sally, Mark, Sue, Karen, Jude, Kirsty and many more unnamed people) took place in getting everything ready and the InChoirs up to speed, both before the concert at the Hawth and the performances in Edinburgh and during both events and I would like to say a very big thank you to them for including me and for their patience, skills, knowledge and commitment to making InChoir the most amazing, sometimes emotional, always enjoyable and at times hilarious experience it is. 


See you all in September!


Not quite so newbie InChoir member!

August 2019

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