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Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival

Tomorrow, we are off to Edinburgh for the almighty “Festival Fringe” so we have a series of Edinburgh 'specials' coming your way, so you can learn all about it and hear about our own experiences of the festival...

The Edinburgh International Festival takes place for 3 weeks every year, starting in mid-August. It is a performing arts festival which brings performers from around the world and includes opera, classical music, theatre and dance.

The very first Edinburgh International Festival took place in 1947 and was founded by the head of the British Council in Scotland - Henry Harvey Wood, and Rudolf Bing – the general manager of the Glyndebourne Opera Festival. Events held as part of the International Festival are spread across several venues, but in 1999 the festival made ‘The Hub’ their permanent home. The Hub lies close to Edinburgh Castle and was built as an assembly house for The Church of Scotland.

There are many Festivals “within” the Festival, including the world-famous Fringe. Past and present sub-festivals are...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Comedy Festival
Edinburgh Art Festival
Edinburgh Book Festival
Edinburgh Film Festival
The Edinburgh Edge
Edinburgh International Science Festival

However, “The Comedy Festival” in its own right, for example, lasted just 2 years (2008-2009) and has since continued to be part of the overall Festival. On the other side of the coin, The Art Festival continues to flourish!

I had been hoping to give everyone a summary of each festival and how they came about but, 2 A4 pages of writing later, I realised this was turning into something of a biopic that only my Mum would read (or skim through before sending me a message telling me not to waffle on). I therefore leave it to you all to turn to the wonders of Google (or any other popular search engine) to find out all you wish to know!!

We will visit The Festival Fringe in depth tomorrow, while a load of inChoirers travel up to Bonny Scotland ready to dazzle the hoardes with their harmonies, and indulge Mark's love of dad-dancing!

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