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Disney meets inChoir

For the most organised person in the world, I must admit that I abandoned this in the build up to Disney. I printed my Eurostar tickets at 8pm the night before. I sorted travel insurance 9 hours before leaving home. I confirmed my lift to the station only hours before I was due to leave. Packing was saved until the night before, frivolously completed in record time, my usual checklist nowhere to be seen.

However, the trains were all on time and I was safely in St Pancras by 9am, in plenty of time to meander through passport control, get checked when I set the metal detectors off and get something to eat.

This was the first time I'd been away from my 14 month old, Sam, since he was born. I tried not to dwell on this too much in the days and weeks before the trip, but after speaking to my husband as I paid for my coffee and he gently informed me that Sam had checked our bedroom and then spent 5 minutes walking from room to room saying "Mum", I must admit that I dissolved into tears. The woman in Cafe Nero looked at me with a mixture of pity and amusement in her eyes as I tried to laugh it off.

Lorna arrived, we both confirmed that we didn't really know what the plan was (a shameful admission for me; I've traversed the world...on my own!) and saw that our train was delayed by a few minutes. A short while later we were safely boarded and cosy on our spacious armchair seats. Lorna in peace and quiet. Me in a carriage with a hen party (who turned out to be lovely) whose first words on the train had been "don't worry, I've got the wine!" Excellent. What a difference 2 years makes. Almost exactly 2 years ago, I had been at Kings Cross boarding a train to my own hen do in Cambridge...cans of bacardi and coke in hand!

The journey was smooth and the service was brilliant. Neither of us could get over how good the trip was! Free food; yes of course we'll have another pastry! More tea? It would be silly not to. We both had the luxury of a single seat by the window so neither of us had to deal with anyone sitting next to us. What more could you ask for.

Perhaps predictably, it took us a while to find each other when we arrived. At St Pancras we'd agreed to meet outside one of our carriages, whichever was nearest the exit. However, we both got totally disorientated and couldn't remember which direction the other's carriage was in....and there were TWO exits from the platform. After a few minutes of standing on the very tippiest of tippy toes looking each way, I went to the main exit and correctly assumed that Lorna would find me there.

A gentle jog (a slightly brisk walk) to the shuttle later and we were at the hotel. Both set off for the main entrance, before spotting a queue to have luggage scanned (again). Ever the exemplary English women, we did an about turn and joined the back of the queue that we could easily have skipped without being called back. Following the 'inChoir holidays' sign to our check-in desk, we checked in, dumped our luggage and went straight back to the park.


We had hours until the rest of team inChoir would arrive, so we got a march on and went on all the big rides we could find. A tea and muffin for 'lunch', into the shops for Minnie Mouse ears and out to see the parade. What a spectacle (the parade I mean, not my fabulous dancing along)! I would love to be one of those Disney princesses, for maybe a day or 2. Even the most hardened Disney fan would likely struggle to listen to the same music day in, day out. It's a catchy tune, but it does repeat the same few lines over and over. It took a long time to get that out of my head.

When Mark and Sue arrived, it was straight back to Space Mountain. With a little bit of persuading, Sue joined us on the ride and - as I'm sure you've all seen by the photo Mark posted - had a great time...!! That is probably my favourite photo of all time. The Buzz Lightyear ride, Indiana Jones - a pause for 'pizza' (I wouldn't recommend the pizza restaurant in Frontierland...) - and onwards to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride....and It's a Small World. That ride. That song. It should be used as a form of torture. This is, of course, my personal opinion. I know that many people love it. And I look forward to letting those people taking Sam on it when he's old enough for his first visit.

We didn't stay in the park for the firework show at closing and it sounded phenomenal. If anyone was there, I would love to see your photos!

Back to the hotel for a hot chocolate to warm up, and bed.

Next time...our performance!!!

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