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Can you see us?

For those who view our posts on Facebook. 

Are you reading this on the inChoir page, or have you spotted this post because someone you know has shared it? 

Some of you may have noticed that our posts don't appear in your timeline so regularly any fact, we may have disappeared altogether! 

Facebook has changed the way page posts are shown. In order to keep seeing our updates, you will need to regularly interact with the page. In fact, Facebook goes so far as to remove likes entirely for those who never directly interact! Cheeky! 

This doesn't mean you need to comment on everything you see, but you will need to like/comment/share posts fairly regularly - every few days or so. If you can no longer see us, doing this should ensure that we reappear in your timelines. 

The more users that interact and the more they do, the more people our page is shown to! We are therefore very grateful to everyone who shares, comments on and likes our posts - it's mutually beneficial! 

If you have any questions then please do send us a message and we will do everything we can to help.