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The British met Boston...or was it the other way round?

As we're sure you know, inChoir recently travelled to Boston and Niagara Falls, with photos of the trip available on both our Instagram and Flickr pages. (If you were on the trip and have any photos you would be happy to share, please email them to us!) Everyone had a wonderful time and, to recap the trip, we are delighted to welcome our newest guest writer...the mysterious "Boston Blogger"...

Date: October 2015.
Location: the US of A.

Having travelled on holiday for many miles through Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, my husband and I had enjoyed the gently relaxing charms and witnessed the beautiful changing colours of ‘The Fall’ in New England. But then we heard the call “the British are coming”, so it was now time for us to head back to Boston to join up with all the rest of the travelling inChoir entourage. And so we were full of excitement in the airport arrivals lounge, with the hastily-constructed inChoir placard raised on high to greet our fellow travellers as they slowly emerged, somewhat wearily through US customs. “Don’t wave the banner until you see the whites of their eyes”, someone said (but I might have gotten that wrong!). Was it the two-hour delay that had caused the weariness, or the shock and awe of yet another of Sally’s inChoir quizzes that we were witnessing? No matter which – although tired, spirits were high in the group as we took a coach the short distance to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, which was to be our base for the next few days for our next inChoir Vacation in Boston and Niagara.

Probably largely due to the 5-hour time lag, we were all up early next morning after very little sleep, and after a wholesome breakfast it was time to explore the city sights before walking the Freedom Trail on a guided tour through the streets of historic Boston. This helped us to understand more about the city, where new and (for the US) old still nestle side-by-side, and of the roles of people like John Hancock and Samuel Adams as, respectively, the financier and the rousing politician, in fomenting and fanning the flames of the revolution that we now know as the American War of Independence. Further highlights of our action-packed four days in Boston included dining in the Cheers Bar and dancing with the locals, enduring a stomach-churning 4-hour cruise (though made more bearable by spending an hour or so watching a large number of huge, dramatic and ‘awesome’ whales in their natural habitat), enjoying a beautiful sunset view of the city from the 50-storey high Skywalk Observatory and taking a meandering coach trip out of Boston to see the colourful fall foliage in other historical areas of Massachusetts. Some of the ‘other halves’ – as well as more than a few inChoirers – also managed to find time to sample some of the hospitality highlights in Boston (dare we say, some might even have had a “Liquid Lunch” or similar!), as well as partaking in some local ‘retail therapy’ and other relaxing activities.

‘So what about the singing’, you might ask? As usual there was lots of fun and laughter to be had at the various rehearsals. There was a great impromptu rendition of "Memory" as Mark stopped to play a very brightly coloured, slightly out of tune, piano in the market place. And of course there were our two ‘formal’ outdoors performances to very appreciative audiences at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace (like ‘Daniel’ but with an F), delivered in beautiful, warm sunshine. The sops and altos particularly enjoyed a few choreographed (?) moves to "All About That Bass", but when told to ‘look up’, one baritone was overheard saying he was too busy watching the ladies shake their booties! Before he could “Run” away, even Mark got to dance with a couple of drag queen street performers, as well as meet a 7-foot tall gentleman who towered over him to ask if we could sing “Happy Birthday” to his girlfriend – how could he possibly refuse?

After the whirlwind few days in Boston, it was then onto the plane to Buffalo to travel onwards to the spectacular Niagara Falls. The views were amazing, the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat trip into the foot of the Horseshoe Falls was invigorating, while the ‘Cave of the Winds’ walk almost right into American Falls was exhilarating. Some of the group even had the time to walk all the way to Canada and back! This time we performed our set at the Hard Rock Cafe which was certainly "Fun, Fun, Fun" and once again we all came away feeling like "Stars"! We certainly got "Lucky" in having such a fabulous holiday with lovely people from all the various sections of inChoir, all held together by the calm efficiency of Sally, Sue and Mark (well, Mark at least led things on the musical side), and not forgetting Peter the Roadie, but it was all over too quickly!

But then that's the beauty of inChoir........laughter, having lots of fun, good company and making lasting friendships, all singing together to create happiness that can help to “Fix You” even if other things are not always so good – and leaving us all with very cherished “Memories” from a great time away, with the promise of even more to look forward to in the future.

The Boston Blogger

If you've been on any inChoir trip abroad and would be interested in writing a little piece about it then we would love to hear from you!!

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