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In the audience for the first time

Sent in by Willo Heesom, Dorking 

“I was unable to sing at the concerts because I had just come back from a choral workshop at Marlborough Summer School.

However, it all worked out well because for the first time, I was able to be in the audience.

What a wonderful experience and a fabulous performance in every way. You could feel huge enthusiasm and a great love for Mark, Karen and Jude with the choir singing their hearts out as a big thank you for what you have all done in the last ten years to enrich people’s lives through singing. I don’t know whether it was Mark or Gareth Malone who started the trend but whoever it was has brought a lot of happiness to people, both to the singers and the audience.

Mark’s solo was one of the best and we could hear every word. Jude and Karen sang like angels and the trio (Mark, Karen and Jude) was magnificent, as was Hannah and Jon’s duet. We loved the children too; it was the first time I had heard inChoon and inSync. The choreography was such fun to watch.

For me the songs that stood out were ‘A Thousand Years’, ‘ Cake by the Ocean’, ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘Country Roads mash up’ and of course ‘This is me’. All the songs were good though.

Peter - of course - stole the show! Let us pray that he will still be doing the same little act when he is 100. I am sure he will be there and selling programmes beforehand. Just wonderful. No doubt Mark will still be conducting at 100!

Many many congratulations to all of the inChoir team. Such hard work organising 600 people but all done so professionally.

Nick Owen was his usual amazing self and did a great introduction.

I hope all of the leaders have a good rest now to get ready for us in September!”

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