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Modern choirs for people who love to sing


Do I have to audition to join inChoir?
No! Anybody is welcome to join inChoir; all we ask is that you have an enthusiasm for singing!

Do I have to be able to read music?
No! We go through each of the lines in detail, so we can all learn together. Most of our arrangements are handed out as printed music, because this makes it easy to see who is singing what and when, even if you don't read the music.

Do I need previous experience?
No! Many of our members have never sung in a choir before, or not since they left school

Do I have to sing solo?
Not unless you want to! Occasionally some of the songs have solo lines for those who are keen to have a go, but there is no need to do so if you'd rather not.

What is the average age in inChoir?
We have quite a big range, with some in their twenties, or even teenagers, to retired people, with everything in between.

What can I expect at an inChoir session?
We generally start with any notices, perhaps about upcoming performances. Then we have a brief vocal warm up to relax people and loosen the larynxes. This is usually followed by a run through of last week's song, and then, part by part, we start on the next song. There will generally be a few laughs along the way, and then at the end, we'll have a finished product to sing through.

Is there any choreography?
No! All singing, no dancing!

Do I have to commit for a whole term?
No! Obviously we'd rather you came every week, but we understand that sometimes real life gets in the way so it's very much 'pay-as-you-go'! You might get held up at work, you might have child care issues, you might be not very well; you might even be stuck in the snow! But we try to go over songs at the next session, and we upload the parts up onto our web-site, so you can download them and practise in the kitchen or in the car!

Can I have access to recordings of the songs?
Yes, we upload the parts up onto the members' page of this web-site, so you can download them and practise in the kitchen or in the car! In addition, we aim to go over last week's songs at the next session.

Do you put on any concerts?
Yes! Check regularly on the Diary page to see what's coming up. In addition to our own shows, we have also supported Russell Watson, the classical boy band Blake, and West End star Kerry Ellis.

Any smaller performances?
Yes indeed! Check the diary page above to see our upcoming performances. On the diary page you can also see the calendar showing some of our past gigs. We tend to have more in the summer and at Christmas

Is it nerve-wracking walking into your first session alone?
Well it can be a bit intimidating when you're outside the door thinking of going in. But we are a very friendly bunch and if you come to your first session 10 or 15 minutes early, we'll be able to meet you individually and help calm any nerves! Alternatively, get a friend to come with you to the first free of charge taster session, even if that friend doesn't want to sing.